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Golf: Quicken Loans, Open de France, LPGA Championship, Senior Open

Great week for me last week as I correctly picked Bubba Watson to win the Travelers Championship at 28/1. Betting slip for that:
Came close with a couple of others for the Top 5 place too. Felt bad for the guy who had Casey though sad to see him choke like that again.
This week I'm on:
Quicken Loans:
Open de France:
No tips personally for the Senior Open but I've got one of my friends into golf handicapping lately and he's been pretty solid. He likes Paul Broadhurst (40/1), Colin Montgomerie (16/1) and Scott McCarron (12/1) to win & E/W.
No detailed write-ups this week due to time constraints but can keep updated on my weekly tips at
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BREAKING: TRUMP to delay UK trip -- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Aug. recess in jeopardy -- ISENSTADT: MITT shows signs of political revival -- SPOTTED at Mike Shields/Katie Walsh engagement party -- B’DAY: Greta van Susteren

BREAKING: TRUMP to delay UK trip -- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Aug. recess in jeopardy -- ISENSTADT: MITT shows signs of political revival -- SPOTTED at Mike Shields/Katie Walsh engagement party -- B’DAY: Greta van Susteren
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- WE HEAR … There is a chance Congress will stay in session for part of August. There has been political pressure from some members of the House and Senate to stay in town and try to get some things done instead of take a five-week recess. The pressure will only increase if the Obamacare repeal and replace isn’t done in the next few weeks. Congress has just 27 days in session until the summer break. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise: many lawmakers have had to face angry constituents on trips home.
STATEMENTS FROM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey -- at 8:22 a.m.: “The #FakeNews MSM doesn’t report the great economic news since Election Day. #DOW up 16%. #NASDAQ up 19.5%. Drilling & energy sector......way up. Regulations way down. 600,000+ new jobs added. Unemployment down to 4.3%. Business and economic enthusiasm way up- record levels!” … at 8:29 a.m.: “I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!’” … at 8:49 a.m.: “The Democrats have no message, not on economics, not on taxes, not on jobs, not on failing #Obamacare. They are only OBSTRUCTIONISTS!”
-- TWO QUICK THINGS: Many Democrats will privately agree with Trump that they oftentimes lack a coherent message. But Trump’s presidency has unified Democrats for the first time in a long time … Trump has majorities in the House and Senate, and he’s blaming Democrats for obstructing him.
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BREAKING OVERSEAS -- TRUMP PUTS OFF U.K. VISIT -- THE GUARDIAN: “Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain put on hold: U.S. president told Theresa May he did not want trip to go ahead if there were large-scale public protests”: “Donald Trump has told Theresa May in a phone call he does not want to go ahead with a state visit to Britain until the British public supports him coming. The U.S. president said he did not want to come if there were large-scale protests and his remarks in effect put the visit on hold for some time. The call was made in recent weeks, according to a Downing Street adviser who was in the room. The statement surprised May, according to those present.”
Good Sunday morning. Jake will be on Steve Hilton’s new Fox News show “The Next Revolution” live from Los Angeles tonight at 9 p.m. East Coast time.
TRUMP stopped by a wedding at his country club in New Jersey last night.
YOU’LL HEAR THIS QUOTE A LOT -- Donald Trump Jr. on Fox News, via the Washington Post: “‘When he tells you to do something, guess what? There’s no ambiguity in it, there’s no, ‘Hey, I’m hoping,'’ Trump said. ‘You and I are friends: ‘Hey, I hope this happens, but you’ve got to do your job.’ That’s what he told Comey. And for this guy as a politician to then go back and write a memo: ‘Oh, I felt threatened.’ He felt so threatened -- but he didn’t do anything.’ Trump also said that Comey’s testimony ‘vindicated’ the president and that everything in it was ‘basically ridiculous.’”
ALEX ISENSTADT in DEER VALLEY, UTAH -- “Romney stokes speculation he’s weighing another political run: The 2012 GOP nominee is plotting how to help Republicans in the midterms, and he’s being coy about his own political future”: “Mitt Romney is once again testing his political power — critiquing President Donald Trump, raising money and campaigning for fellow Republicans, and not ruling out another run for office for himself. The 2012 GOP nominee is returning to the spotlight, six months after Trump -- the man Romney once savaged as unfit for the presidency -- nearly picked him to be secretary of state. …
“Spencer Zwick, a longtime Romney adviser and political gatekeeper, said he’d been inundated with appeals from Republican candidates asking the former GOP nominee to help them. Last week, Romney held his first fundraiser for a 2018 hopeful, an event benefiting Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican who has been fiercely critical of the president. Over the coming days, Romney is also expected to release a robo-call boosting Georgia Republican Karen Handel, who has been losing ground in a high-stakes June 20 special House election she had once been favored to win.
“‘All I can tell you is that the number of requests that Mitt has gotten in the last month to come to a district or to come to a state for a sitting senator — it’s like he’s a presidential candidate again, which I was surprised by,’ said Zwick, who doubles as a top political aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan. ‘There are only so many people in the party that can headline these things.’”
-- THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between Republicans wanting to take advantage of Romney’s fundraising prowess, and his running for office and garnering the support he needs to win.
SUNDAY BEST -- JOHN DICKERSON speaks with SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OKLA.) on CBS’S “FACE THE NATION” -- DICKERSON: “On the question of influencing the investigation, again, thinking about the scale, on the one hand the president might have done something that was a little bit crossing a line but he’s a new guy to the job all the way to this question of obstruction of justice. Where do you put, knowing what you know about the president’s behavior, where do you put what he did on that scale?” LANKFORD: “I would say it’s very inappropriate. As Jim Comey said, it’s awkward to be able to have the president of the United States sitting down with someone in the F.B.I., the leadership of the F.B.I., to be able to have direct questions. And for the issue to come up about the Michael Flynn investigations, inappropriate. But the way that it was handled, with no follow-up, with no other press, with no other return to that topic, it looks like what I called a pretty light touch. If this is trying to interfere in a process of any investigation, it doesn’t seem like it was number one, very effective, and number two, came up more than once in a conversation. So this looks more like an inappropriate conversation than obstruction.”
-- SEN. JACK REED (D-R.I.) tells CHRIS WALLACE on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” that Trump needs to be deposed on all Russia-related questions -- “[T]he deposition is not just about his conversations with Mr. Comey. There are issues with respect to his conversation with director of national intelligence Dan Coats, Admiral Rogers, the NSA director, his relationships with Manafort. By the time the special prosecutor Mr. Mueller is ready to depose or ask the president to speak under oath, there are a myriad of questions. So what I don’t want to see is simply, we’ll I just said I talk about Comey, I’m not talking about anything else. To resolve this situation he has to be prepared to speak on all these matters.”
-- PREET BHARARA speaks to GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” -- STEPHANOPOULOS: “The president’s defenders, like Alan Dershowitz, say there’s no grounds for obstruction. You talked about that. And he, in fact, says that presidents have the constitutional right to fire FBI directors and investigations as much as they want. One of the president’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, is coming up next. He says there’s no there there, no basis for obstruction. You’re a former prosecutor. Are -- is there evidence there ... to begin a case for obstruction?” BHARARA: “I think there’s absolutely evidence to begin a case. I think it’s very important for all sorts of armchair speculators in the law to be clear that no one knows right now whether there is a provable case of obstruction. It’s also true I think from based on what I see as a third party and out of government that there’s no basis to say there’s no obstruction.”
-- SEN. SUSAN COLLINS (R-Maine) talks to BRIANNA KEILAR on CNN’s “STATE OF THE UNION” -- KEILAR: “I want to ask you about something the president has been cagey about, and that is these tapes, of course. So, I wonder if you would support issuing a subpoena to the White House. Right now, it’s just a request coming from Congress. Would you support issuing a subpoena for the recordings or any documents that might come from that?” COLLINS: “This is an issue that the president should have cleared up in his press conference. He should give a straight yes or no to the answer -- to the question of whether or not the tapes exist. And he should voluntarily turn them over not only to the Senate Intelligence Committee, but to the special counsel. So, I don’t think a subpoena should be necessary. And I don’t understand why the president just doesn’t clear this matter up once and for all.”
THE NEXT MAIN EVENT -- “Sessions will testify before Senate in Russia investigation,” by Kyle Cheney and John Bresnahan: “In a letter to his former colleagues in the House and Senate, Sessions canceled a planned appearance before Congress’ appropriations committees. Sessions said he instead plans to appear on Tuesday before the Intelligence panel to respond to questions stemming from FBI director James Comey’s bombshell testimony last Thursday. …
“If this is an open session ... Sessions will likely face a barrage of questions over his role in Comey’s dismissal, his independence from President Donald Trump, and allegations of additional unreported meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Sessions has already recused himself from the Russia probe after failing to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation of two meetings with Kislyak, and there have been reports of additional sessions.”
-- SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CALIF.) told Brianna Keilar on “State of the Union” that she didn’t know if the hearing will be open.
INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW -- “What’s next for Comey? Maybe law, corporate work, politics,” by AP’s Eric Tucker: “So what’s next for James Comey? The former FBI director boldly challenged the president who fired him, accused the Trump administration of lying and supplied material that could be used to build a case against President Donald Trump. But after stepping away from the Capitol Hill spotlight, where he’s always seemed comfortable, the 56-year-old veteran lawman now confronts the same question long faced by Washington officials after their government service.
“His dry quip at a riveting Senate hearing that he was ‘between opportunities’ vastly understates the career prospects now available to him — not to mention potential benefits from the public’s fascination with a man who has commanded respect while drawing outrage from both political parties.”
EYE-POPPING NUMBERS FROM WAPO’S KAREN TUMULTY in SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- “Trump looms over Georgia special election, a proxy battle for 2018”: “It is an arms race of money and organization. The latest fundraising report, filed Thursday, showed Ossoff raising an additional $15 million in the past two months, nearly quadruple what Handel brought in. With outside groups weighing in, the race has thus far cost more than $40 million -- far outpacing the previous record for a congressional race of nearly $30 million for a Florida contest in 2012.
“Polls indicate there are few voters still undecided. ‘The next 10 days are about turning out the base. There are more of us than them in the district. The more people who vote, the better,’ said Corry Bliss, who heads the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC affiliated with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). That organization alone plans to spend about $7 million in the race.”
FASCINATING READ -- “Palantir goes from Pentagon outsider to Mattis’ inner circle,” by Jacqueline Klimas and Bryan Bender: “The Trump era has brought a change of fortune for a Silicon Valley software company founded by presidential adviser Peter Thiel — turning it from a Pentagon outcast to a player with three allies in Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' inner circle. At least three Pentagon officials close to Mattis, including his deputy chief of staff and a longtime confidante, either worked, lobbied or consulted for Palantir Technologies, according to ethics disclosures obtained by POLITICO. That’s an unusually high number of people from one company to have such daily contact with the Pentagon leader, some analysts say.
“It also represents a sharp rise in prominence for the company, which just months ago could barely get a meeting in the Pentagon. Last year, Palantir even had to go to court to force its way into a competition for a lucrative Army contract. Thiel was one of the only Silicon Valley titans to openly support Trump during the campaign, a role that gave him a prime speaking slot at last summer’s Republican convention. He has since acted as a key adviser arranging meetings among the president and other tech executives. While there's no evidence he had a direct hand in these specific Pentagon hires, analysts say they absolutely show his growing influence in the administration, where he holds no formal role.”
DEMOCRATS’ NEW PLAYBOOK -- “Democrats bet on Trump in Virginia governor’s race,” by Kevin Robillard: “Virginia’s Democratic primary on Tuesday is shaping up to be the first real test of liberalism in the Trump era, with both candidates lurching for increasingly leftward policies to position themselves in contrast with President Donald Trump. …
“Virginia’s gubernatorial elections often develop into contrasts with a new president, but there’s a stark difference between now and how Republican candidate Bob McDonnell handled then-President Barack Obama in 2009. While critical of the Obama's economic record, the future governor also regularly praised Obama for supporting school choice, straddling the partisan divide. The Democrats have felt no need to do the same with the less popular Trump, whose approval rating was at 36 percent in a recent Washington Post-George Mason University poll of Virginia.”
THE LATEST ON HEALTH CARE -- “Fate of Planned Parenthood funding tied to Senate moderates,” by Jen Haberkorn: “Two female Senate Republicans could stop the anti-abortion movement from achieving its most significant win against Planned Parenthood in decades. Most Republicans want to eliminate the group’s $555 million in federal funding as part of their bill to repeal Obamacare. But as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tries to solve the legislative Rubik’s Cube of finding 50 votes for repeal, he may have to drop the Planned Parenthood cut to win the support of the two Republican moderates, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.”
WHAT SILICON VALLEY IS READING -- “Uber Board to Discuss CEO Travis Kalanick’s Possible Leave of Absence: Board also set to vote on recommendations from a report of an investigation into workplace issues,” by WSJ’s Greg Bensinger: “Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Travis Kalanick will discuss taking a possible leave of absence when the board of directors of the embattled ride-hailing company meets Sunday morning, according to a person familiar with the matter.
“Also on the agenda when the seven-person board convenes is a vote on a series of recommendations from a report prepared by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder regarding its workplace. It was uncertain whether Mr. Kalanick would ultimately take the leave or whether the board would approve of such a measure, which would require finding a temporary replacement in short order.”
-- SPOTTED at Mitt Romney’s E2 Summit in Deer Valley, Utah: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, Spencer Zwick, Matt Waldrip, Corry Bliss, Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Kristen Soltis Anderson, Ron Kaufman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Anthony Scaramucci, Bianna Golodryga, Will Ritter, Mary Bono Mack, Lanhee Chen, Leah Malone and Andrew Liveris.
RIP -- @SecondLady: “Rest in peace Oreo. You touched a lot of hearts in your little life. Our family will miss you very much.”
‘WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT WEEK’ AT THE WHITE HOUSE -- “Donald and Ivanka Trump head to Wisconsin for jobs push,” by ABC News’ Jordyn Phelps: “President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump are set to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday to join Gov. Scott Walker to tour a technical college, as the administration puts a renewed focus on its goal of job creation. The trip is just one event in a week full of activities built around promoting technical skills training and apprenticeships. [They are d]ubbing it ‘workforce development week’ ...
“The president is expected to make what the administration is billing as a ‘major policy speech’ at the Department of Labor on Wednesday, in which he’ll lay out steps the administration will take to encourage workforce development and also call for Congressional action. Ivanka Trump will also lead a roundtable with some 15 CEOs. On Thursday, the president will also host a roundtable discussion, where he will welcome eight governors from states with successful workforce development programs to the White House.”
THE NEW U.K. POLITICAL REALITY -- “For Britain, Political Stability Is a Quaint Relic,” by NYT’s Steven Erlanger in London: “In a little more than two years, Britain has had two general elections and a nationwide referendum. Each time, the politicians, pollsters, betting markets, political scientists and commentators have got it wrong.
“Once considered one of the most politically stable countries in the world, regularly turning out majority governments, Britain is increasingly confusing and unpredictable, both to its allies and itself. Far from settling the fierce divisions exposed by last year’s referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union, or Brexit, the election on Thursday only made them worse.”
-- THE POLITICO EUROPE TICK TOCK: “How Theresa May lost it: A reluctance to delegate, hubris and campaigning ineptitude ruined British prime minister’s grand plan to secure a mandate,” by Tom McTague, Charlie Cooper and Annabelle Dickson in London: “Halfway through Britain’s seven-week snap election campaign, some in Theresa May’s team came to the conclusion that they had a problem — the candidate. At a gathering of senior staff in Conservative campaign headquarters in central London, one of May’s top operatives told the sitting prime minister that she risked crashing and burning like Sarah Palin did in 2008. ... To the operative, May was overly controlling and her inexperience would tell during a short, intense campaign. May listened with good grace ... [but] changed nothing.”
ACTUAL FAKE NEWS – NYT A22, “A Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist, a False Tweet and a Runaway Story,” by Jeremy Peters: “A pro-Trump activist notorious for his amateur sleuthing into red herrings like the ‘Pizzagate’ hoax and a conspiracy theory involving the murder of a Democratic aide, Mr. Posobiec wrote on May 17 that Mr. Comey, the recently ousted F.B.I. director, had ‘said under oath that Trump did not ask him to halt any investigation.’ …
“But as the journey of that one tweet shows, misinformed, distorted and false stories are gaining traction far beyond the fringes of the internet. Just 14 words from Mr. Posobiec’s Twitter account would spread far enough to provide grist for a prime-time Fox News commentary and a Rush Limbaugh monologue that reached millions of listeners, forging an alternative first draft of history in corners of the conservative media where President Trump’s troubles are often explained away as fabrications by his journalist enemies.
“In this fragmented media environment, the spread of false information is accelerated and amplified by a web of allied activist-journalists with large online followings, a White House that grants them access and, occasionally, a president who validates their work. The right-wing media machine that President Bill Clinton’s aides once referred to as ‘conspiracy commerce’ is now far more mature, extensive and, in the internet age, tough to counter.”
DEEP DIVES -- NYT A1, “Opioid Dealers Embrace the Dark Web to Send Deadly Drugs by Mail: Anonymous online sales are surging, and people are dying. Despite dozens of arrests, new merchants — many based in Asia — quickly pop up,” by Nathaniel Popper (print headline: “Drug Trade Rises in Dark Corners of the Internet”): “As the nation’s opioid crisis worsens, the authorities are confronting a resurgent, unruly player in the illicit trade of the deadly drugs, one that threatens to be even more formidable than the cartels. The internet. In a growing number of arrests and overdoses, law enforcement officials say, the drugs are being bought online. Internet sales have allowed powerful synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — the fastest-growing cause of overdoses nationwide — to reach living rooms in nearly every region of the country, as they arrive in small packages in the mail.”
--“China’s New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt: China has built hundreds of dazzling new bridges, including the longest and highest, but many have fostered debt and corruption,” by NYT’s Chris Buckley: “The eye-popping structures have slashed travel times in some areas, made business easier and generated a sizable slice of the country’s economy, laying a foundation, in theory at least, for decades of future growth. But as the bridges and the expressways they span keep rising, critics say construction has become an end unto itself. Fueled by government-backed loans and urged on by the big construction companies and officials who profit from them, many of the projects are piling up debt and breeding corruption while producing questionable transportation benefits.”
BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:
--“Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture”: “Some of these same things have happened to you. You too have had drugs dropped into your wine. You too have shared a bed with the wrong woman. You too have been spellbound by sweet voices with strange melodies. You too have come so far and have been so far blown back.”
--“How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned” – in the August 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics: “Every one of the thousands of men landed in France required about 10 ship tons of overall equipment, and an additional ship ton every 30 days. The number of separate items needed was about a million. Some of these million items had to be accumulated in millions, resulting in astronomical totals.”
--“Eternal Champions,” by Sam Borden in ESPN: “Seven months ago, Brazilian underdogs Chapecoense boarded a plane to play in the game of their lives. Instead, their biggest moment turned into a tragedy no one can forget.” (h/t
--“Inside Trump’s secretive immigration court: far from scrutiny and legal aid,” by The Guardian’s Oliver Laughland in Jena, Louisiana: “[T]he remote LaSalle detention facility is part of Trump’s attempt to fast-track deportations. A visit reveals a hastily arranged setup beset by flaws.”
--“Rolling Stone at 50: How Hunter S. Thompson Became a Legend,” by Patrick Doyle in Rolling Stone – per The Browser’s description: “Sports Illustrated asked Hunter S. Thompson for 250 words about a Las Vegas motorbike race. He gave them 2,500 words — and when they spiked the piece he took it to Rolling Stone, which wanted more. The result was Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, published in 1971. Thompson’s coverage of the 1972 presidential campaign ‘reshaped what it meant to write about politics’. But ‘getting work out of him was becoming difficult”. Editing him ‘was a bit like being a cornerman for Ali.’”
--“Weddings of the 0.01 Percent,” by Julia Rubin in Racked: “Cristal! Caviar! Chris Martin! How the rich (and sometimes famous) get married.”
--“The truth about tarot,” by James McConnachie in Aeon Magazine: “Whether divining ancient wisdoms or elevating the art of cold reading, tarot is a form of therapy, much like psychoanalysis.” (h/t
--“The Worst Ever First Day on the Job -- Punching In: My Life as a Long Haul Trucker,” by Finn Murphy in Literary Hub: “Moving companies perform four categories of moving work: local, commercial, long-distance, and international. Callahan’s work was mostly local moving, loading up someone’s house in the morning and then unloading in the afternoon at the new house. It takes the greatest toll on the body because you are handling stuff every working day. It’s the local stuff that eventually kills you or drives you to drink; more commonly, both.”
--“There Were Once Jews Here,” by Lucette Lagnado, author of “The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit: A Jewish Family’s Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World,” in Tablet Magazine: “During the Six-Day War, some of the Arab countries at war with Israel -- Egypt, Tunisia, Libya -- treated their Jewish populations terribly, causing them to leave en masse.” ... $10.01 on Amazon
--“Dear Brazilian Government, Thanks for the Contracts,” by Michael Smith, Sabrina Valle, and Blake Schmidt on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek: “There’s graft, and then there’s the graft machine perfected by Odebrecht, one of the world's biggest construction companies.” … The cover
--“‘Kill them, kill them, kill them’: the volunteer army plotting to wipe out Britain’s grey squirrels,” by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian: “The red squirrel is under threat of extinction across Britain. Their supporters believe the only way to save them is to exterminate their enemy: the greys. But are they just prejudiced against non-native species?”
--“This County Switched From Backing Obama to Trump. Here’s What Happened,” by Josh Siegel in The Daily Signal: “In 1980, manufacturing jobs comprised 38 percent of all jobs in Coos [New Hampshire]. In 2014, only 7 percent of jobs in the county were in manufacturing. Payroll wages from manufacturing have dropped from 49 percent to 9 percent since the mid-1980s.”
SPOTTED: Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly enjoying “DHS Night” Friday night at the Nats game along with members of DHS’ workforce – pic Anson Kaye, partner at GMMB, in New Orleans last night, accepting a Gold ADDY award (and also a Mosaic Award) for the ad “Mirrors” ( he created for Hillary for America
SPOTTED at State Department senior White House adviser Matt Mowers’ birthday party at Wet Dog Tavern last night (which coincidentally also hosted RNC alum Anna Epstein’s birthday party at the same time): Cassie Spodak, Ryan Williams, Zeke Miller, Ben Sparks, Jill Barclay, Phil Elliott, Ethan Zorfas, Ben DeMarzo, Maren Kasper, Michael Kratsios, Kailani Koenig, Tom Dickens, Elise Dietsch Dickens, Eric Jones, Alan He, Andy Polesovsky, Corey Ershow, Kelly Klass, Britt Carter.
SHIELDS/WALSH ENGAGEMENT PARTY -- THE BRITISH EMBASSY hosted an engagement party last night for Mike Shields, former RNC chief of staff and founder and partner at Convergence Media and Katie Walsh, former WH deputy chief of staff and former RNC chief of staff who is now senior advisor at America First Policies. Amb. Kim Darroch toasted the pair and called them the “ultimate political couple” and told the crowd how the couple got engaged in the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street, where the prime minister has met with his or her cabinet every week for 250 years. He also needled Mike, who has a British mother and is a big soccer fan, for supporting Ipswich, who he cast as much inferior to Chelsea in the Premier League. The food at the party included: herb-crusted fillet of lamb, goat’s cheese and beetroot, terrine of pork, and chili shrimp while desserts included mini Bakewell tart, strawberry tartlet and passion fruit mousse. Pics of the couple … Reince Priebus taking a pic of the couple as they thanked friends for coming … The crowd
SPOTTED: Reince and Sally Priebus, Sean and Rebecca Spicer, Steven Mnuchin and his chief of staff Eli Miller chatting on a walk around the gardens of the embassy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rob and Cindy Simms, Cara Mason, Jessica Ditto, Sarah and Dave Armstrong, Tim Pataki, Richard Walters, Rob Jesmer chatting with Sean Cairncross (Sean and Rob have been friends since they were 5 years old growing up in Minnesota), Brian O. Walsh, Josh Pitcock, Mike’s 15-year-old son Aidan Shields-Eads, Molly Donlin, Steven Law, Sam Feist, Mike Allen, Andrew Bremberg, Lew Eisenberg, Madeleine Westerhout, Johnny DeStefano, Renee Hudson, Michael Hoare, Lindsay Walters, Vanessa Morrone and Mike Ambrosini, Zach and Mallory Hunter.
ENGAGED --Andrew Feldman, principal of the progressive communications firm Feldman Strategies, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Megan Salzman Saturday night during Country Music Fest in Nashville. Megan is a communications manager at the early education advocacy group The First Five Years Fund. “Andrew and Megan met on OKCupid nearly four and a half years ago. Andrew points out that the ring has extra significant because the center stone was Megan’s mother’s engagement stone and she is no longer with us.” Pics ... … The ring
-- Jessica Huff, social media director for McClatchy in Dallas and a Politico alum, and Spenser Walters, an area sales rep for Duvel USA, got engaged on Friday night in Austin, Texas. She emails us: “We met in college at UT-Austin after he came back from Afghanistan. He was serving in the Marines. We had the same group of friends but I hadn’t met him yet since he was overseas. Once he was back, one of our first dates was at a restaurant in the hill country in Texas overlooking the lake, and so while visiting Austin he took me back there and proposed during sunset. It’s a very special place to us so it was perfect!” Pics … The ring
WEEKEND WEDDINGS -- Travis Considine, communications manager at Uber Texas and a John McCain and Rick Perry alum, married Morgan Smith, a reporter with The Texas Tribune, on Saturday evening at the San Antonio Museum of Art. Guests enjoyed a bluegrass band and flawless weather at the outdoor ceremony and reception. Pic … Travis’ speech
SPOTTED: Tucker and Alexia Bounds, Brittany Bramell, Trevor Theunissen, Chris Miller, Allie Brandenburger and Ryan Mahoney, Kevin Benacci, Emily Ramshaw, Matt and Jen Hirsch, Evan Smith, Perrylanders Rob Johnson, Mark Miner, and Andy Hemming.
OBAMA ALUMNI – Meredith Carden, head of partnerships at Sidewire, got married this weekend to Micah Fergenson, law clerk at U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in a small ceremony at Four Follies Farm in Tiverton, Rhode Island. The couple first met in 2009 when they were working for President Obama. Micah worked in the WH Counsel’s Office, and Meredith worked for FLOTUS in the East Wing. They lost touch, but were reintroduced by a mutual friend in 2015. Pic
--“Lily Rothman, Elihu Dietz” – N.Y. Times: “Ms. Rothman, 31, is the history and archives editor at Time magazine, overseeing its history coverage, and the magazine’s digital archive. She also wrote ‘Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook.’ She graduated magna cum laude from Yale and received a master’s degree in journalism from the City University of New York. ... Mr. Dietz, 32, is a candidate for a master’s degree in environmental management at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke, where he studies the integration of renewable energy into the grid. He graduated from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, N.M. ... The groom is a great-great-grandson and a namesake of Elihu Root, who was President Theodore Roosevelt’s secretary of state and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912. He is also a direct descendant of President Ulysses S. Grant. The couple met on a blind date arranged by friends in Brooklyn in 2011.” With pic
--“Alison Kenworthy, Michael Koenigs”: “The bride and groom work at ABC News in New York, where they met. She is a news producer for ‘Good Morning America.’ He is a senior coordinating producer, creating content that is used on-air and on the website. He was also the host of ‘Election Cycle,’ a series in 2016 that featured him bicycling through swing states and interviewing voters along the way. The bride, 33, graduated from Rutgers. ... Mr. Koenigs, 30, graduated cum laude from Harvard.” With pic
--“Julia Pudlin, David Wishnick”: “Ms. Pudlin, 32, worked until earlier this year at the United States Treasury Department as a deputy executive secretary in the chief of staff’s office and a senior adviser to the general counsel. On July 10 she is to begin working as the assistant deputy general counsel for government investigations at Comcast in Philadelphia. She graduated summa cum laude from Yale, and received a law degree magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. ... Mr. Wishnick, also 32, was until recently an associate in the Washington office of Jenner & Block, a Chicago law firm. On July 12 he is to begin a fellowship, conducting research in contract law, at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He graduated magna cum laude from Brown, and received a law degree from Yale. ... The couple met in April 2013 through the dating app Hinge.” With pic
--“Victoria St. Martin, Richard G. Jones”: “The bride, 36, is a general assignment reporter on the local desk of The Washington Post. She graduated from Rutgers and received a master’s degree in journalism from American University. ... The groom, 46, is to become the director of the journalism program at Notre Dame. Until recently, he was an associate editor in news administration for The New York Times, as well as the director of the newspaper’s Student Journalism Institute. He graduated from the University of Delaware and has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia. ... The couple were introduced in 2006 by a mutual friend in Yardley, Pa.” With pic
BIRTHDAYS: Greta Van Susteren, the pride of Appleton, Wisconsin (hat tip: Tammy Haddad) ... Tad Devine, the pride of Providence who lives on Block Island, is 62 ... Kim Oates of the House Radio/TV gallery … Carrie Budoff Brown’s older sister, Jennifer Budoff, budget director for the D.C. City Council ... former Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) is 87 … Lindsey Williams Drath ... Jennifer Rubin ... Michael Timmeny, SVP for government and community relations at Cisco ... Jeremy Ben-Ami, president at J Street (h/ts Jon Haber) ... POLITICO’s Reid Pillifant, Emily Dobler and Juliette Medina ... South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard is 64 ... Treasury alum David Cohen ... TJ Adams-Falconer, associate director of external affairs at Axios ... Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Tex.) is 69 ... Cesar Gonzalez, COS for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart ... former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) is 59 ... DNC comms staffer and former HRC campaign media booker Lucas Acosta (h/t Crystal Carson) ...
... Will Rahn, managing editor for politics at CBS News digital, is 3-0 ... Jessica Franks, gov’t affairs representative for Halliburton ... Politico Europe’s Tanit Parada Tur ... Chris Campbell, Republican staff director at Senate Finance ... Kristina Edmunson ... Rachel Ruskin ... Obama alum Jonathan McBride, now a managing director at BlackRock … Mike Schoenfeld, the Blue Devils’ master of public affairs/Duke’s other Mike … Betsy Gotbaum, former NYC public advocate, is 79 ... Matt Chaban, policy director at Center for an Urban Future ... Mary Kate Cunningham ... Salesforce’s Tom Gavin, an Obama WH OMB alum … Michael Froehlich ... Caroline Barker ... Matthew Campbell ... Vanessa Chan, corporate comms. at Facebook ... Kelly Danielka Peirson ... Google’s Ramya Raghavan ... Tom Alexander, COO at 1871 Chicago and a Rahm alum ... Jacque Vilmain, the pride of Eagle Grove, Iowa(h/t Teresa) ... animal rights activist Ingrid Newkirk is 68 ... Power Playbooker Dr. Oz is 57 ... actor Hugh Laurie is 58 ... Shia LaBeouf is 31 (h/ts AP)
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Subreddit Title Brand
AskReddit What would be shown on a NSFW Mr. Rogers neighborhood show for adults? Rogers
mildlyinteresting Made these bricks from Lego molds that we filled we Jello. Lego
pics Effects of Agent Orange on children in Vietnam Orange
news Active shooter incident at Colgate University right now. Not in the media yet. Fingers crossed it turns out okay. Link is to Colgate's website. Colgate
gaming Craziest Modded Xbox I've Ever Seen Xbox
gaming Outlast 2 with Philips Hue lights xpost from /outlast Philips
AskReddit What is your favorite place to visit in the continental United States? United
news Active shooter on Colgate University campus in Hamilton, NY Colgate
videos My friend started a new Youtube channel to help get people into crypto currencies. He's great for answering any questions you've been afraid to ask about about Bitcoin or Etherium! Youtube
Music Whatever happened to the talented Hip Hop artist Chief Keef? His rhymes were legend and it was an honor to bump his raps in my Ford Escort. Ford
todayilearned TIL in 2001, the United States' military airdropped 2.4 million Pop-Tarts in Afghanistan during the US invasion. United
pics Going through my emails today and decided to delete all 12k +the few I've read undead emails, and because Yahoo is stupid I have to scroll all th3 way to the bottom. Look what I found. Yahoo
news Police Respond to Reports of 'Armed Person' at Colgate University Colgate
television The fall of ESPN has begun… and it’s only going to accelerate ESPN
WritingPrompts WP in the near future, various chains and companies let their mascots get snarky with each other on Twitter, firing various insults and burns back and forth. Until one day, a mascot Twitter takes things a little too far. Twitter
Showerthoughts The last cell carrier to offer Paul Marcarelli, the "Can you hear me now?" actor from Verizon now at Sprint, more money will win. He's left all the other carriers and the last one will look the best in comparison. Verizon
pics When the jerks at Whole Foods cram everything into one bag because they are in a hurry Whole Foods
gaming I bought every Mario toy they had at McDonald's over the weekend McDonald's
gaming I bought every Mario toy they had at McDonald's over the weekend McDonald's
mildlyinteresting top right Google Chrome on Mobile displays a :D when you reach 100 open tabs Google
funny Parody of "Coming Out" Youtube Videos Youtube
videos What happens when you combine 2 Google Home bots desperately trying to conversate between each other and Twitch chat Google
news Portland May Day Protesters Hurl Cans of Pepsi at Cops Pepsi
pics My suicidal nephew posted this on his Facebook today, he is now surrounded by loving family. Facebook
AskReddit You rub a Diet Pepsi bottle and a genie wearing a polyester suit emerges. This is the Mediocre Genie, who can make instantly you proficient in a below average way in the skill of your choosing. What is your wish? Pepsi
Jokes Just got an email from Google explaining how to read maps backward... Google
worldnews Venezuela's President Maduro calls for new constituent body - BBC News BBC
worldnews Report: Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless” Facebook
movies Jack Black in Orange County will always be a favorite of mine! Orange
personalfinance Discover and Chase are suddenly offering free credit checks in their apps that dont hurt your credit score. is this legit? Chase
Jokes What the pirate said when he left the Honda dealer... Honda
nottheonion Australian detained in United States for 'overstaying visa by 90 minutes' United
pics In the back of a taptap pickup truck in Port au Prince Haiti, feat. Mom au
personalfinance Can you get Chase Sapphire Preferred annual $95 fee waived? Chase
Showerthoughts Someday, we will all be saying "Back in my day, we had to Google things we wanted to learn" Google
WritingPrompts WP "We are an Army of Stars unleashed.The Sky takes notes when we speak. Our capes move with the Wind.Because of the Wings beneath. This is Royalty" Sky
nosleep This guy from my school went missing after shooting a video for his Youtube channel on illegal grounds. Youtube
news [Seattle May Day demonstrators pass ‘peace joint,’ share Pepsi The Seattle Times](
Showerthoughts "The Sky is the Limit" is a pretty poor thing to say to someone aspiring to be an astronaut. Sky
Showerthoughts All I need is a driver's license to rent a box truck U-Haul, but I need to be 25 to rent a Honda Civic Honda
AskReddit Your last Google search is your super power, while your second to last unrelated search is your weakness. What are you master of? Google
space Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Colbert Tyson
TwoXChromosomes How Intel Eliminated Its Own Gender Pay Gap Intel
AskReddit What happens if you steal an iMac from the Apple Store? Apple
videos Introducing The Frork™: McDonald's Latest Invention ft. Anthony Sullivan McDonald's
pics Guess they REALLY want you to update. People using an older version of the Youtube app are punished with a 30 second wait everytime they go back into it. Youtube
aww My Sadie Bell in a Minnie Mouse outfit Bell
AskReddit Could two smart computer science PhD students create a search engine that unseats Google? How vulnerable is Google to this possibility? Google
todayilearned TIL there are 71 different gender options on UK Facebook 50 in America Facebook
dataisbeautiful Top Movies as Percent of Industry Box Office Total OC Total
gaming Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold until May 9 announced: ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ and ‘DmC: Definitive Edition’ among the best deals Xbox
nottheonion Australian detained in United States for 'overstaying visa by 90 minutes' United
sports Pregame - Chicago Bulls vs Celtics Game 6 @ the United Center United
worldnews North Korea says it is 'ready for war' with Donald Trump's United States United
worldnews Indian IT services firm Infosys plans to hire 10,000 American workers, open 4 U.S. tech centres Infosys
AskReddit What's the most WTF thing you've ever heard or read about the United States or its culture? United
worldnews Google, Amazon And eBay Discontinue Support For Apple Watch Apple
worldnews Google, Amazon And eBay Discontinue Support For Apple Watch eBay
worldnews India-based IT services firm Infosys said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States after Trump targets outsourcing firms Infosys
worldnews India-based IT services firm Infosys said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States after Trump targets outsourcing firms United
Music [Mayors bet music, BBQ sauce over Blues-Predators semifinal FOX Sports](
AskReddit How does Apple take stunning photos for its iPhone advertisements? Apple
nottheonion Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations Pepsi
gifs 1950's Ford dump truck doing a wheelie Ford
nottheonion Sierra vista woman finds note from Chinese prisoner in Walmart purse Walmart
AskReddit What will happen if Google starts charging for every search? Google
AskReddit Designers of Reddit logo, why the orange tint to the red. Are we hint hint hinting for a love of Orange people? Orange
AskReddit if Kraft Punk is the cheese-off of Daft Punk, what would be the cheese-off of other famous bands? Kraft
worldnews UK should not back US Middle-East policy, say peers - BBC News BBC
funny Found this guy on Google street view Google
funny Australian Uber driver accidentally picks up a sex worker instead of his real lift! The resulting conversation is hilarious! Uber
mildlyinteresting The McDonald's app looks like an tear-off calendar. McDonald's
television Neil deGrasse Tyson Imparts Sexy Cosmic Knowledge The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tyson
Showerthoughts We would have figured out the concept of gravity way earlier if Adam had applied his brain instead of instinctively eating that Apple ! Apple
mildlyinteresting Today I noticed that Google Calendar's favicon has the day of the month Google
Music Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer Piano Pop Apple
dataisbeautiful Cultural value orientation scores for 80 countries based on research by Shalom H Schwartz using Google Sheets OC Google
pics This Volkswagen has a integrated Beer opener. Volkswagen
AskReddit Can anybody tell me if adidas are going to release black adidas manias in their new champagne pack? and if so, when will they be released? adidas
sports Why is ESPN laying off so many people? ESPN
videos ELLIE GOULDING - First Land Rover Velar driver in New York City. Land Rover
AskReddit What are some of the most mysterious/creepy things you've seen on Google Earth? Google
LifeProTips LPT: Mother's Day in the United States is 12 days away. United
movies Johnny Depp is fed lines through earpiece, ex-managers claim - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Has anyone actually won something from those Facebook "Share, Like & Win" Posts, what did you win? Facebook
photoshopbattles PsBattle: This awesome 40 dollar foot tattoo sold on a Facebook yard sale site.. Facebook
pics This is where Walmart wants their carts Walmart
AskReddit Why are the Ocean and Sky blue? Sky
AskReddit Apple, Google or Microsoft - who will fail first ? Google
AskReddit Apple, Google or Microsoft - who will fail first ? Microsoft
mildlyinteresting My school used an old Apple iPhone to remind students about no electronic devices during testing Apple
sports 18 year-old Mike Tyson with Cus D'Amato before Tyson's first professional fight against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985 in Albay, NY. Tyson
worldnews Hackers Alert: Orange Is The New Black S05 Leaked Online Orange
explainlikeimfive ELI5:Why do mobile games want me to log into Facebook and Twitter? What do they gain? Facebook
mildlyinteresting This Volkswagen Golf has an integrated Beer opener. Volkswagen
personalfinance Just leased a CPO '15 Lexus GS350 two months ago for 3 years.. I hate it. Keep or roll into a new financed car I want? Lexus
gaming Shadowrun was one of the best shooters of last gen and it recently became backwards compatible on Xbox One. Check out this video that explains all of the different abilities and weapons. It's an amazing game and probably the best game you have never played Xbox
Showerthoughts Vaping is to cigarettes what Google Glass was to sunglasses. Google
videos A mashup of almost every Walt Disney Animation Studio release Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL there would be no Apple without Walter L. Shaw according to Jobs. Inventions based on his patents include: the speakerphone, call forwarding, conference calling and the answering machine. As well as the black box. Apple
todayilearned TIL that The McAfrika was a burger sold by McDonald's in Norway and "traded" as a Limited Edition Olympic Games Burger. It attracted significant public criticism as a result of its name and the timing of its launch. McDonald's
AskReddit If we saw your recent Google search history what would we think about you? Google
worldnews France election: Watch Le Pen and Fillon read the same passage - BBC News BBC
worldnews Merkel presses Putin on gay rights - BBC News BBC
Futurology Chinese internet giant Tencent opens artificial intelligence lab in Seattle Tencent
gaming Just got an Xbox one tried all the microphones I own this was the only thing that worked. Xbox
news H-1B Visa Effect: Infosys To Hire 10,000 American Workers - NDTV Infosys
science Increasing the percentage of elementary school children in the United States who participate in 25 minutes of physical activity three times a week from 32 percent to 50 percent would avoid $21.9 billion in medical costs and lost wages over the course of their lifetimes, new research suggests. United
Documentaries MSNBC's Controlled Opposition: Myth of the Progressive Media2016-Examines MSNBC's Role As A "liberal" Arm of the Corporate Media Progressive
food HOMEMADE Apple Pie Apple
funny Out-of-sync Facebook video grabs Facebook
news GM, Ford and Toyota all post U.S. sales declines in April Toyota
news GM, Ford and Toyota all post U.S. sales declines in April Ford
television "Put down the book, pick up the remote" Collider TV Talk is going live and daily for this week. One of my favourite Youtube shows discussing all things television. Youtube
videos Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is the United Airlines CEO testifying before the US Congress? United
Showerthoughts With nearly $250 billion in cash, Apple can now credibly buy an entire country. Apple
worldnews Jordan Edwards shooting: Texas police change account of death - BBC News BBC
videos Revised Toyota Hilux now handles the moose test Toyota
funny This is the second time my local news station has posted something on Facebook without first reading it.... the comments section is blowing up! Facebook
personalfinance Reallocate Target Date Fund? Target
Showerthoughts Even if the Google ad on top of the search result is exactly what I'm looking for, I'll still instinctively click on the same page that isn't displayed as an ad. Google
AskReddit Why do does the Google store say 17+ but when you download a dating app, you have to be 18? Google
videos Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives Audience a Science Boner. Tyson
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do people hack others Facebook profiles and start a new one? Facebook
nottheonion Indian IT firm Infosys to hire 10,000 American workers Infosys
pics This is the second time my local news station has posted something on Facebook without first reading it.... the comments section is blowing up! Facebook
pics The new Fanta logo and bottle design in the UK Fanta
funny This Microsoft Support agent came on a little strong Microsoft
news Jordan Edwards shooting: Texas police change account of death - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL the United States national bird, the bald eagle, was saved from threat of extinction by the actions of the EPA and a Chippewa National Forest Wildlife biologist. United
news Brexit: Theresa May says she'll be 'bloody difficult' to Juncker - BBC News BBC
AskReddit You've been hired to produce a job posting for President of the United States of America. What does your post say? United
askscience How do forward swept wings on an aircraft differ from a Delta wing and a straight wing? Delta
mildlyinteresting This charging station at my local Audi dealership. Audi
Music Enrique Iglesias - Be With You Dance Pop Acoustic Walmart Soundcheck Walmart
videos Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft
Showerthoughts I haven't actually seen any Apple wireless earbuds in use Apple
mildlyinteresting This sponsored result for Ford when searching for Chevy Ford
funny [Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations World news](
news [Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations World news](
Showerthoughts Searching Google on Bing is like a girl asking a friendzoned guy to help her find a boyfriend Google
Music Cameron Grey - Cocaine Ferrari hip-hop 2017 - This kid quietly dropped his album with major production including a track by Kanye Still Trappin and no one knows yet Ferrari
Jokes TIL that Subway will give you your money back if they mess up your order. Subway
videos Venus Ferrari - Beautiful Disaster Electro pop 2017 Ferrari
videos Just a Porsche towing a 314-ton jumbo jet. Porsche
Music Venus Ferrari - Beautiful Disaster Electro pop 2017 Ferrari
pics Saw a Ferrari today. Reminded me of someone... Ferrari
funny Saw a Ferrari today. Reminded me of someone! Ferrari
listentothis Kardashev -- Between Sea and Sky Atmospheric Deathcore / Ambient Sky
Showerthoughts Thank you Google maps for keeping up with my every move then updating me with a creepy "everywhere you were" notification on my phone. Said no one, ever. Google
AskReddit Which is Most Popular Team? Manchester United or Manchester City? United
todayilearned TIL that in the 90's, Coca-Cola tested vending machines that would automatically change prices based on the temperature outside. The higher the temperature the higher the price. Coca-Cola
videos Check out my Friends new Youtube Channel! Youtube
worldnews FBI woman went to Syria to wed IS recruiter she investigated - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Serious Why does the United States think it alone has a god given right to possess nuclear weapons? United
space Cassini Just Dove Into way-too-quiet ‘The Big Empty’ Between Saturn and Its Rings Dove
funny My Mom went from POS to Ferrari in one day. Go Mom!!! Ferrari
news Facebook denies targeting insecure users - BBC News BBC
television How ESPN Became A Conservative Cause ESPN
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon Alibaba
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon eBay
worldnews Hackers used Microsoft Word bug 'for months' Microsoft
aww Sai Mama Caterpillar - Sai MaMa Caterpillar says: "Teaching a Child not to squish a bug..." "...Does More for the Child than for the Bug" Caterpillar
worldnews FBI Director Comey, NSA Director Rogers will testify about Russia on Thursday Rogers
worldnews The United States on Tuesday criticized Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's intent to create a new super-body known as a "constituent assembly," saying it was an attempt to cling to power United
videos New and Improved Pepsi Ad featuring Kendall Jenner - Purposely Shitty Version Pepsi
pics An old deck of United Airlines cards from my gf's grandparent's Cribbage set. United
gaming An Xbox Pro Tip from me: Easily mark which games in your collection are backwards compatible by using small green color coding stickers. Xbox
AskReddit Who do you want to be the 46th President of the United States of America and why? United
mildlyinteresting Found a vintage Nike jacket at Goodwill with ticket stubs to Forrest Gump in the pocket Nike
pics Simulated tilt-shift of the new Apple campus. Apple
funny I guess Uber has a new payment method. Uber
worldnews 50,000 Haitians living in the United States could face deportation United
Showerthoughts Uber ratings shouldn't be affected by being drunk in the car. One of the main reasons I Uber is so I don't drive under the influence, so why should that make it harder for me to request a ride in the future? Uber
funny Oh Facebook marketplace, you never cease to amaze me. Facebook
mildlyinteresting This steak that looks exactly like the the contiguous United States United
funny When Taco Bell asks if you got your drink yet and you didn't even order one...just go with the flo Bell
mildlyinteresting Found this 56 year old Pepsi bottle today with the cap on. Pepsi
mildlyinteresting This Nike outlet offers try on socks Nike
todayilearned TIL the founders of The North Face and Patagonia drove from San Francisco to South America on a bus to surf when they were young, and remained friends until death. The North Face
AskReddit Where are porn films made in the United States? United
todayilearned TIL that BBC reported the World Trade Center tower 7 collapsed 20 minutes before the building actually fell. BBC
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[Table] IamA: i have triorchidism(three testicles) AMA!

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Date: 2014-01-21
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Just the one penis though? yawn Only one penis. it's not the biggest or the best penis, but he's a fine penis, and he's served me well.
With our usernames we'd make a formidable super hero team. We could be the crotch of justice.
I'm pretty sure you'd get an 8.4 for that movie on imdb. Speaking of extra balls and movies... there is actually a porno called E3: the extra testicle. enjoy.
Link to
I don't know how I should feel about this. Well, just don't be crotchety. that's our job.
2 dicks, 3 balls, whats next, 4 boobs??? please be 4 boobs.. That'd be udderly fantastic.
That's the breast pun I've heard in a while. Tits.
Uhh.. uhh. i froze up, i cannot think of a followup pun. HELP ME!! :( You should mooove over if you can't handle it.
Utterly fantastic. No. 4 boobs... as in cow... udder... pun intended.
1) When you ejaculate, is it any different than the average male's ejaculation? For example, is there a larger volume of cum or higher sperm count? Does it look extra thick? 2) Do you think the sperm from each testicle is as good? Would the extra testicle's sperm be duds or yield offspring that might have birth defects? 3) Do you get more testosterone, and would you consider yourself more "macho" than other guys? 4) Would you consider yourself easily aroused or a fast finisher? 5) Do you have to milk yourself more frequently to prevent prostate inflamation? While i've given most of these answers already, and fairly wittier, i'll still answer, but with the cliff notes version: 1- pretty normal from what i'm told. 2- it's good enough that i had a healthy child. no defects, no health issues. from tests of my sperm years ago, my sperm all looked to be healthy and normal. (though i do not plan on having any more children) 3- no more testosterone. but i tend to do a lot more dumbass "macho" shit than other people... but that's a unrelated issue i think. 4- no, pretty standard. other than the extra lump and crowded underoos, not much abnormal.
Do you need to milk yourself more frequently to prevent prostate inflamation? No. there's no extra production. (milk myself... lol...) i beat my dick like it owes me money out of pure enjoyment, not out of necessity.
After being hit in the testes, have you ever made the joke, "Let me just check something... 1...2...and 3"? More times than i can count. hahaa.
Do you feel lucky to be one of 200 cases of triorchidism in medical history? It's a few higher than that i believe now, but yet. but oddly enough, a really good buddy of mine, grew up in same town, also has this. we'd know each other for years before realizing it. now we have a special handshake. (no homo)
You should say your photo is NSFW. Someone may get in trouble opening that link at work. Well, i figure anyone looking at a post about three balls and looking for picture proof has some inclination it may be shots of my low hangin fruit. but point taken. will edit.
My question for you is does that affect your sex life at all? Doesn't effect my sex life in any real physical manner, other than it's a neat little sideshow attraction that interests some females into further exploration.
You should go to bars with a tshirt that says I HAVE THREE TESTICLES, AMA. I've used my balls to make bets and win drinks and love alike. it's always a good time dropping my pants in a room full of eager stranger with their eyes fixed on my crotch. at this point i no longer really need a shirt... most people are aware of my situation.
it's a neat little sideshow attraction that interests some females into further exploration. Are you saying it makes them want to "poke around" in back? No, it hasn't ever lead to that.
Well, you'll get there eventually. We all do. Well, i guess it'd depend on the situation. not saying i wouldn't. not saying i would. totally noncommittal, alcohol intake and hotness of chick would be relevant factors. hahaha.
2 vaginas, 2 dicks, now 3 testicles! What's next, reddit, WHAT'S NEXT!?!?! I wont be happy until i see a man with a dick on one thigh, a vagina on the other thigh, and he's fucking himself while doing the funky chicken. that is my dream.
If these two guys made a porn together, what would it be called I wonder? Meatception.
Do you have nine toes? I do. and if you buy those 9, i throw in the 10th one for free.
You should get a Tri-Force tattoo'd onto your ballsack... For us? Please? Lol. i tried once a few years back. couldn't find an artist that wanted to handle my balls. maybe i'll try again. i'm not totally opposed.
Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Boxer briefs. briefs too confining, boxers too much freedom, shit gets tangled. boxer briefs to keep it all where it needs to be and less clacking around.
Do all 3 work? Have u named them? Maybe huey duey and luey? I've had girlfriends name them, nothing really stuck that i cared for. i generally refer to them collectively as the trifecta or the triforce.
But do all 3 work? Yes. all three function normally.
How much cum do you produce? There's really only two ways to find out... handjob... or read the answer on one of the other 8 times i've answered this.
My advice... if you want something done right...
I asked because I want to find out by the first way. But nevermind. Lol. i appreciate the sentiment, but lighten up. if you couldn't tell from previous answers, i'm being pretty jovial and light hearted with my responses. dick mode not activated.
Pics of emily getting the answer to her question. No way she could be a dude pretending to be a chick. This is the internet... Lips is lips ;) haha. that and i don't generally let strangers from the internet jiggle my ballbag. i need to meet you at a bar and have questionable judgement to let a stranger touch my joystick.
When did you realise that your balls were unusual? Were your parents pretty upfront about it? They had no idea. it's not easily detectable unless you're looking for it. mine was discovered after a particularly horrible shot to the nuts during a baseball game. was concerned it was a ruptured testicle. while doing a sonogram they discovered it was an extra.
Was your mind totally blown? Not really. i was too young to really care or take into mind everything it would eventually encompass. i was pretty damn reserved about it for the long time. coincidentally, til about the time i discovered alcohol... my good old friend alcohol convinced me to start waving them around like a proud flag. i'm more amazed by it today in reflection than i was finding out.
Like a proud flag. You, sir, are magnificent. Shame and fucks to give. i have neither. lol.
Did you happen to see the two penis guy's AMA? Yes. it was my commenting in that thread, followed by someone asking me in there, that lead me to do this. (diff user name. had to make new acct)
Do you tell a girl before you sleep with her? Most i think i have. it's kind of a widely known thing, i don't hide it. i've been known to prove it in public places when asked.
If not, what is the typical reaction when they find out? And unless i tell someone, there's not much chance of them ever knowing. even when fiddling around down there, unless you're looking for it, it doesn't stand out.
Do they try to fit the double ball into their mouth? Or all three? Because\ I\ would.\ It is a challenge some women have taken it upon themselves to conquer. i humbly oblige any and all willing contestants.
Do you ask you ladies if they like their tea strong? If they're ready to drink my tea, there's only one way to take it. strong.
What's the worst and best thing about having 3 balls? Best... they've been used to win me bar bets and entice women into sexy situations... worst... it's crowded. and i've sat on them way too many times.
Have you considered cutting one off and wearing it as a necklace? I've considered donating it to a friend with one ball. but then i think how attached i am to it and say fuck it.
What has been the best real life reaction to you showing/ telling somebody? Well, while it's not unusual for chicks to want to touch for confirmation, i don't normally get guys that want to. so, i showed a friend of mine one night, big bearded dude, very hetero, he was in such shock/disbelief he actually got a couple fingers pokin in my beanbag before i realized what was going on. whole time his jaw was dropped like a kid meeting mickey mouse for the first time. was in a kitchen full of people, so it got quite the uproar of a reaction.
and dozens of people who have touched them and felt it. What kind of people are you hanging around? Curious and shameless people. the finest of the fine folk.
Have you ever been rejected for sex due to the 3rd ball? Has it ever been a bigger turn on to other women? Never been a deal breaker, no. but yes, it has been a kink for some girls. definitely seems to draw more oral sex attention if they know about it beforehand.
U/craftygnomes is a Chad, he is tagged as such. EDIT: and do you make more cum and have more testosterone and fertility and shit? Haha, kidding, I know you got those a million times. What was your weirdest sexual encounter? What's your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite band/song? I've had a few really f'd up sexual encounters. none to mention in here (gonna wait to see if i'm recognized or called out first. haha). blue. cupcakes. eagles of death metal.
Do you produce 150% more semen than the average man? No. just 150% more awesomeness.
Can my brother have your third testicle? He's down to one and needs it. I wouldn't feel comfortable with my testicle in your brother's sac. sorry.
Don't be a ball-hog. While i love someone begging for my nuts, it's weird that it's for your brother. just sayin. or is it for your "brother".
But... you have extra. That's like telling a chick with DDs that's she's got extra. it's not extra. it's right where it's supposed to be.
Yeah, but if she had 3 tits... It'd be like destroying the mona lisa.
What's your sexual preference? Just wanted to know for the guy who has two dicks. I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. i love vagina. sorry double dick dude.
Tits or Ass? Why not both?
Why not all three? Touché.
What are girl's reactions to it? 9 times out of ten it's a giggle. half the time it's followed by a skeptical glance and permission to poke at it to see if it's real.
Did you consider being nicknamed "Bogey" as you clearly are "one over par"? Or perhaps during playing baseball telling everybody how you are just one ball away from getting walked? You can't make your own nickname... not how it works man. but no, as clever as my friends are, those nicknames have never come into consideration. i'm sure the horrible sports puns have been made at some point, but they never stuck as any sort of nickname.
Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs. briefs too tight. boxers too lose. need steady support. lol.
Do all three hang at different levels (e.g. right to left high, low, middle) or does it go high-low-high/low-high-low? Single one kinda hangs at the median level... the pair sharing the vas deferens kind hang one on top of each other, one a bit higher, one a bit lower than the free hanger. when it gets cold and they shrivel up the kinda stack front to back instead of top to bottom.
Staircase balls? My balls. if they were grapes. it's actually pretty close to the setup and position of my balls. Link to
Oh, ok. That actually makes sense. I was going with the "front to back" sort of thing, but I can see how that might not work. When it gets cold they draw up and shift a bit.
When you talk to people, do they ever reference this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Exo tria arxidia! No, never had any reference to MBFGW. never actually seen the movie.
When you found out about lefty's evil twin, was that when your parents found out about it too, or did they know when you were born? And also, did you ever want to have it surgically removed? Parents didn't know. wasn't discovered til my teen years. wasn't something i really discussed with my parents, was just something i had. it never had any ill effect on my what-so-ever, so it wasn't a big deal. i was pretty coy about it for the longest time. and no, never considered getting rid of it. it's not affecting my health in any ill manner, so i see no reason to mess with it.
Why did you do an ama? You have three balls, big woop. Trololol. you cared enough to click. if you'd have read any of the comments you'd see that in response to double dick dude, others asked me to do an AMA.
More balls than brains? :) Have your sexual partners ever noticed without you telling them about the mega ball? Nah, more brains than balls, i just don't use them very often. neither are used very often lately. haha. and no, unless i tell someone, it's not really noticeable. even when a chick is playing with them, it's hard to make out that you're actually playing with 3, not just the same 2 flopping around in there.
Do you run a higher risk of developing testicular cancer? It's not a common enough thing to do an intensive study on it i guess, but from what i know, because it's descended, and it's functioning, i'm not high risk. there's other forms where it's not functioning and may not drop, and they're at higher risk for developing testicular cancer and prostate issues. but i don't know a lot of detail about it because it's not something i've had to deal with, all my plumbing is functioning tip top.
What if all guys have 3 balls, but the third isnt supposed to drop? I've thought about this before. polyorchidism is pretty rare, but i'm betting it's more common than we know about. i'm sure there's a lot of undiagnosed cases because, like mine, if i hadn't had another issue in the area, i'd have never known.
Are there any jokes you or others have made pertaining to your anatomical anomaly? Nothing that stands out in my mind. stupid little inside jokes with friends and stuff. but nothing specific.
Your name isn't ted right ? Because if it was it be triple testicle ted or if your name was Saul it would be triball saul. No. no clever name-to-nuts reference applicable.
I only have one. We would make an awesome gay couple. But I'm not gay. Do you ever think things like "I wonder if there are an odd number of testicles on this train?" Yeah, i'm a strict vaginaterian myself. and while i don't necessarily think of others balls in my daily activities, yes, there are random moments when i think about my nutty situation and giggle to myself.
I guess you've always had three? I only lost leftie a couple of years ago and he's still on my mind from time to time. Poor leftie. RIP leftie.
Dr. Evil is that you!? Not quite. i prefer "action bastard".
Is it a disease or a feature? Just bonus material. it's developed and fully functioning. someone asked if i'd ever considered having it removed, and i said no, cause there's nothing malicious about it at all.
Do you cum with the force of 1000 suns? No, it's not that hot. it doesn't even burn when i pee. but no, nothing crazy. i don't hold any long shot records.
Do you produce more sperm than the average man? No. last sperm count was around low end of the average spectrum. but, my boys are swimmers, i have a child.
I know you mentioned earlier that you particularly have no medical issues as a result of this. Are there any signs that you've been told to look out for? Would anyone else with the same condition possibly be at risk for any medical issues directly related to this? I'm statistically more prone to testicular torsion. and i sit on my balls a little more frequently than i hear others complaining about. and i need to do cancer screenings a little more frequently than most because there is concern. i was concerned about my ability to have kids, but since i've tackled that, i don't plan on having more, my sperm count could die off for all i care at this point.
My friend told me to ask: "Ask him how ejaculation is with a third ball" So is it? Boring and disappointing. haha. nothing abnormal about the size of my loads.
Awh, too bad. Would be nice to have more! aha. Eh, i'm kind of a neat freak, so i'm content without the extra mess. hahaha.
Does any nut hurt more than the others when a bagtag takes place? Also, are bagtags awkward? Yes. little more surface area, so it's a little easier to hit. since i've never had just two, i can't compare the difference in pain. but as most men can agree, it hurts like fuck. i can't imagine i hurt worse for having more.
How do most people react when they find you you have three testicles? Most are skeptical. even when i pull them out, disbelief and shock are usually what people turn to. it's mostly brought up in a light-hearted funny manner, so it's usually laughed about. never really gotten a harsh reaction for my balls themselves. i get more disapproval about the places and times i pull them out than for the nuts themselves.
So does it hurt 1.5x as much to get kicked in the balls? Well since i've never had just two to compare it to, i have no idea. but i think anyone with testicles would agree it's about as painful a thing that can happen to your balls. so, 2 balls, 3 balls, pretty sure the pain threshold is about the same. just have a little more surface area to aim for, so it makes it easier to hit mine.
Thats nice to know, so you play many sports? Not so much anymore. i golf occasionally. if i don't have them arranged they can get in the way during a swing. haha.
Do you still find the three testicle scene from Austin Powers funny or just normal? It was funny the first 50 times i saw it... like everything else, it gets old.
Why did I click that? I have to go bed and this will be the last thing stuck in my head. It's weird for even me to stare down pics of my own nuts. it's like they're staring back at me judging. i know how you feel.
Is your disorder a plus in the sack? Yes, pun intended. It can help as an ice breaker to get my nuts out... but once they're out, it's me that does all the work... the nuts play no part other than a nice hairy ornament.
Will you draw a face on the third nut so that your left nut looks like steven? I have drawn faces and other ridiculous things on my junk. maybe next til i'll take pics if i think of it.
How great is it? It's got it's perks. but mostly just fuckin awesome.
Do you realise you have the potential to take Tea Bagging to the next level? Not just potential.. my nuts have been on many a chin. my potential has been utilized many times.
Will It Blend? If i stirred it hard enough, i'm sure it might... (no idea what you're talking about)
Link to Once i saw the in link format i realized what it was before i even clicked. haha. and no, nothing sharp or pointy anywhere near there. i assumed that was an unspoken rule among all men.
Did you sing for Crash Test Dummies? :) Nope. he's got a few years on me.
Dang! :) Well, at least you'll always have a spare. More of a strio. rimshot
When you ejaculate, is there more than there would be if you had two testicles? Noper.
What is it like being 3 times the man both Hitler and Napoleon were? Pretty trippy.
What are the pros and cons? Not many pros that i've found. load isn't any bigger than "normal". i'm not any more fertile, though i do have 1 child. cons: it's crowded down there. i'm more prone to testicular torsion.
It varies. diff girls, diff reactions. kinda stereotypical... freakier girls enjoy it more, more prudent women fine it "disgusting". i could take it or leave it. i'm amused by their reactions either way.
Do you laugh in the face of danger? Every. damn. time.
So is the third ball attached to one of the other two? I have type A2. it means that ball# is normal. balls #2 and #3 are piggy backed. they each have their own epididymis and are connected to the same vas deferens. basically it's 'Y' jointed.
Is there any difference besides physically having an extra ball (like any difference in jacking off)? Thanks for doing this by the way! No, not that i've compared too many notes with other dudes on load size. but from fertility testing and giving samples like tha ti'm told my load is pretty average.
Has a girl ever had trouble 'cupping the balls'? No... because i don't let children cup my balls. lol. they're big, but they're not unmanageable... now fitting them in their mouth is a different story...
Did you give them names? Not individually. i've had ppl give them names that never really stuck. i usually call them collectively "the trifecta" or "the triforce"
Do you have more testosterone then average? No, nothing that has brought any concern to my doctors at least.
Does it effect your errr... excretions noticeably? Nope.
Do you have a higher sperm count, or give more ejaculate than someone with two balls? No.
Have you ever had sex? And what have girls said about your condition? A time or two. it's not a big deal in anyone i've been serious about dating. in my manwhoring hayday it was a sideshow attraction to draw in the ladies. it served its purpose. most are amused, some not sure what to say. it's not that big of a deal to me, so reactions vary.
You've got some balls, coming here. I am slightly more ballsy than most.
How ballsie we talkin Not as ballsy as your namesake good sir, but as you can see from the picture, (i have fairly large hands) and that's quite a handful. so pretty, pretty, prettty ballsy. (in my best larry david, of course).
My boobs would like to speak to you. My nuts would probably respond.
You and double dick dude should make a porno I'm good on that. in me personal sex scenarios i tend to limit it to one dick in the room.
Such reproduction. Much balls. so sweaty.
Not if you prefer the female type. I prefer the female type, but i'd have to watch it at least once.
So we found out where Lance Armstrong's missing testicle went. I got his tour de france titles too. mwahahahaaa.
Not like he was using them. I said "listen you one nutted bastard... i have three nuts and i'm taking your medals." he did not contest. he cried to sheryl crow and i laughed.
Today: Everybody checking to see if they have a third nut. I check multiples times a day just to make sure mine's still there.
Hey Chad. I am not this chad you speak of. i'm actually pretty surprised no one has recognized me yet.
popping. Ouch. nuts and popping do NOT mix... still cringing...
Can I--a...a...touch them...a-a...please. I am straight by the way. Haha. i generally oblige. it's a pretty common reaction when shown face to face. and as long as there's no malice in the attempted touching, i generally will let a one or two finger gentle poke happen to squash disbelief.
I think this maybe my favorite AMA of all time. This is the almond joy of AMAs. it's got nuts.
The fascination with people who possess extraneous genitals tells you all you need to know about reddit. We're like the Ringling Brothers meets Maury Povich on the internet. I'd be down to join that freakshow. my unitard would have to be crotchless.
BUFFALO SOLDIER!!! Dreadlock rasta.
Your new nickname is "E3 the extra testicle"! I made reference and posted the IMDB link to that movie in another comment. lol.
Well shit! I didn't read all the comments, but that instantly sprang into my head. All good. my balls have me in a good mood. upvotes for everyone asking questions or commenting.
we have DoubleDickDude, and now you. You two should do some porn. Yeah. and that's been brought up about 10 times now. still doesn't increase my urge to wanna touch tips with him.
We can dream... Sorry, I didn't look before I commented. But it has got me curious to know if he can dock himself. i should read the rest of his AMA.
As hard as you may try to be, you will never be as cool as double dick dude. Also, do you jizz more than the average male? Nope. standard. and i know. two dik dude's AMA is the inspiration. i commented in there about having three balls and was asked to do this. took me a while and a new account, but here i am.
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Thomas Pieters is next in the betting, but his power hasn’t proved a potent weapon at the Open de France so far. Juist Luiten completes the players priced at 20/1 or less but, despite the Dutchman having the sort of accurate tee-to-green game than should be ideal for Le Golf National, his best finish in seven attempts is only ninth. After a near-miss in the Italian Open, Ben Coley looks ahead to the Open de France and a fine chance for in-form Joost Luiten to strike. Recommended bets 3pts e.w. Joost Luiten at 20/1 (1/5 1,2,3 Open De France Golf Betting Tips 2019 Advised Bets. Alex Noren 10 points to win at 12/1 with – I am going for the favourite this week – the Swede has an exceptional record in Le Golf Nationals Course Details. The Amundi Open De France is played at the Le Golf National in Paris, France. More specifically, the tournament is played on the Le Golf National Albatros Course. This 18-hole golf course was opened over 30 years ago and has been designed by Hubert Chesneau, Robert Von Hagge and Pierre Thevenin. Sunday: Sky Sports Golf, 11.30am Open de France prize money; Italian Open betting tips: Players to follow. I’ll start with Shubhankar Sharma (55/1 on bet365) who has found some form.. The Indian, who burst onto the European Tour scene last year, is trending in the right direction and if he can just find a bit of consistency will be back in the winners’ circle soon.

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