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Does anyone from the Netherlands know any betting websites that offer a Cash Out option for accas?

Playing with Unibet right now, but it does not offer a cash out option for accas unfortunately.
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OTC Weekend Update

Hello everyone, this is the OTC Weekend Update! If OTC's aren't your thing or you are new to them, hopefully this post can help you out some! For the more degenerate traders, hopefully these are some more plays that you can take advantage of. My goal of these is to help introduce traders to the OTC world outside of BBRW and TLSS and help find plays that haven't been covered as much on the sub.
I have added quite a few plays based on some that have been found by others over the week, but a lot of them are past plays that are still in the "waiting" phase. If you are curious, here's last week's update:
Anyways, I'm doing a run down of these stocks this week: PASO, ABCE, RBNW, DTGI, GTEH, EBML, GMEV, GRSO, GOIG, MITI, OZSC, UAPC, ACCA, UNVC, AITX, SPSO, NGCG, ZHUD, SSOK, IBGR, and XMET. I have PT's for some of them, but a few I'm still getting more info about so I excluded PT's. But a good rule of thumb is to take profits so you end up making money lol OTC's are notoriously risky, so just make sure you take profits!
PASO= Did not have the greatest week but the merger is a well and a half away. It's a great buy at this level. Read this: This has all the potential in the world. PT= .40 to 1.00 or more, depending on the updates. (I have some shares at .05 and more at .13, might add more Monday if it dips again)
ABCE=Should be filling it's paperwork to become current. This is still coming, to the best of my knowledge. No timeline, but it's as close to bottom as you can get really. It's frustrating but I'm still waiting lol Price target= 0.0015, Could continue to run though if there's a lot of volume and momentum. (I'm invested with an avg of .0005)
RBNW= This one does have notes and some dilution, but it's going to have it's website published in the near future. They dropped the attorney letter last week and it's going to be current soon. It's been frustrating for sure but now its a good time to buy in or avg. down. No timeline on the pop, though; might be a few weeks or a few months, but I have a feeling it will be soon. PT=.01 (I'm invested with an avg of .0018)
DTGI=This one hit and has started to head back down again. It's pretty low float, and there is supposed to be more news about aquisitions in the future, might make it pop off. It's a nice solid little play. PT: .04-.05, but again depends on the news. It also is pretty undervalued, so it might be worth a longer hold if you are into that. (I sold out at about .04, but I will be looking for a reentry)
GTEH= Aaaand as I say it looks like an uptrend it loses all it's gains lol they keep having good news though, it seems. I'm keeping an eye out for the next time this might go up, but it's a fine bottom play.
EBML= Barf. It's undervalued. Has preformed poorly recently but it would be a great entry now, and it does move very fast. Last time it ran it went to .60, could do something similar in the near future. PT= anywhere from .15 to .5, depends on volume and momentum (still holding at .06, but now would be a good buy in)
GMEV= There's some rumors that there is a 200m+ contract coming their way soon. PT= .05, but could definitely run more on that news if it's true because it's a low float. Could see .2 if you have diamond hands, but I do not. (Had a position but exited for a few other plays, will probably get back in soon)
GRSO= Nothing new here. Supposed to have pr about their huge contract closing, smallish float. Probably not going to be soon, but might be worth loading to get a good price. Could run to .05, but my PT= .03. (going to start adding soon)
GOIG= good DD here : grind up to PT at .005, if not higher. Haven't heard anything else about this one, but check out the DD. (No position, but watching)
MITI= Longer hold, only 90 mil OS. It's telemedicine and there is apparently big things coming. Think it could get to 1 or even 2 but PT is more like .6. (position at .03)
OZSC= I'm addicted. I can't help it. Os went from 1 bil to 1.5 bil in a week, and doesn't seem to be done. There are lots of positives but right now, I'm just going to flip. Supposed to have "big news" Monday and regular PR's for 3 months, but as long as dillution is going on I'm hesitant to do anything but flip this. Anything under .02 is probably a good buy and anything over .03 is probably a sell until they get a contract worth more than 10 mil a year.
UAPC= Reverse merger partner being announced soon. Debt free and the merger is being run by people who have caused some pop in stocks before (FONU), and it's cheap. Had a little run just from a Reddit post (trades very thin), and they just got reinstated. I'm excited for this one! PT= .02 but let's see who the merger is with (bought in at .0035)
ACCA= I still have this on watch, but nothing new from last week. Low low float, good news will move it FAST. Also the technicals look good (that is not my opinion, but based on someone who reads charts in OTC better than me lol) PT= .1 short term, .5 longer. (no position, but watching closely)
UNVC= I'm not sure what to think, but it's undeniable that 1. The CEO has said specifically that the company that he runs that makes over 200 mil a year will be rolled up into the conglomerate 2. The CEO is a doctor that has a TON of professional accomplishments and has created a ton of companies, which he has basically said would be rolled up into UNVC. Something should happen here, but it could be this week or next month, I'm not sure. I've seen PT= 1.00 to even 5, and if everything went well, I wouldn't be shocked at that. Also, just got Medicare approval! But obviously, play it safe and take profits. 6-7. Also: check out HRI revenue at #22! (Position at .02)
AITX= Interesting robotics/AI type play. They have 75 mil OS, and it moves pretty quick. There is dillution, but management is working on it. They had news this week and jumped to .08, but they are back to about .02 and they have updates to come. They are working with Gregory FCA just like OZSC and that should be good for a fun run or 5. I could see it getting back to .08 in short order, and if news keeps up it could just keep going. I'm looking to get in next week.
SPSO= I just found out about this one. They have 25 mil rev apparently, and are supposed to buy back shares. They want to uplist as well. An audit issue has dampered their share price, so getting in now might be a good call. My PT= .15, but this could be a good one to watch. (No position, watchlist)
NGCG= Another low float clean shell RM. Gonna be current soon! No PT yet, depends on the RM partner. (Getting in next week)
ZHUD= Still undervalued, but no story to make it rise right now. Had a fake Twitter which took it down some last week. Might be worth watching the accumulating until they release their next earnings (watchlist)
SSOK= got their 10q last week, should run some. Lets see what happens! (Watchlist, if I sell a position next week I'll probably enter)
IBGR= Dryworld RM. Dryworld has had issues delivering in the past but they have fixed them, supposedly. It is a good possible opportunity if they have fixed mistakes. Plus at this price the market cap is 1 mil, which it probably is worth more than that. Check them out:
XMET= Total yolo lottery ticket. Rumors it is a David Lazar custodianship play, and it's at bottom. Trade at your own risk. (Might yolo a little into it)
This is light DD on numerous plays, if you want more info on specific plays your best bet is to check out Twitter and OTC markets. If you ask me more about a play, I'll try to give you any more info I have. And if you have any plays yourself, or any questions, let me know as well! I'm always open to new plays or helping people out with questions!
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What Are the 3 Best Sports Offers Given by 10bet?

What Are the 3 Best Sports Offers Given by 10bet?

How Attractive Are the Free Bets You Get from the Sign-Up Offer?

10bet is one of the top online betting websites. As a new player, you can get a bonus when you create a new account on this website. The value of the bonus is up to 50£. Unlike other websites, you do not need to introduce any code while making your account to be eligible for this bonus. All you need to do is to deposit more than 15£ after you create your account. You can use the bonus to place free bets for sports events on the website. The bonus comes in the form of 100% the amount you choose to deposit. So, if you deposit 15£, then you will get another 15£. But if you deposit 50£, then you will get another 50£.
The bonus money will be credited to your bonus account immediately after you make your first deposit. But if you want to make it withdrawable, then you need to meet several requirements.
• Turn-over the bonus. Your main task is to turn over the bonus money 8 times. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money from this offer. Keep in mind that if you try to withdraw the money before the condition is met, you will lose all your bonus money, including the bonus winnings. So, you need to be patient if you want to make use of this offer. Otherwise, it is better to ignore it and play without it.
• Place the correct bets. There are two types of bets that are eligible for this offer. The first type is single bets. The main requirement for these bets is that the odds are higher than 1.8. If the odds are smaller, then you will not be able to use bonus money for the bet. The second type is cumulative bets. Every event from these bets must have the odds higher than 1.4 to be eligible.
After you accomplish both requirements, the bonus money will be transferred to your cash account, and you will be able to safely withdraw the money. There are other small details that you need to know if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises. The bonus money is available for 30 days. If you can’t turn them in real cash in that period, then you will lose them. Also, deposits made with Skrill and Neteller are not eligible for this offer.

10bet Gives Your Stake Back If You Lose Because of a Draw!

Besides the sign-up bonus, 10bet has another two very impressive offers for their players. The first one of them consists of a free bet that you can get from losing specific bets. The offer is specially made for football fans. If you place a bet on any major European football leagues, with a stake higher than 5£, and you lose it because the final result is 0-0, then the website will give your stake back as a free bet.
To find out the specific sports events that are eligible for this offer, then you need to carefully check the terms and conditions of the offer. Keep in mind that you only get the stake back if the score is 0-0. If you lose in any other way, then you will not get anything back. So, you should be very careful while betting and do not put your hopes on getting the free bet. You should consider it as a safety net that will reduce your risk slightly.
There are two things that you need to know about the free bet. First, it is eligible for only 7 days, and you need to use it in that period. Otherwise, you will lose it. Secondly, if you win the free bet, then you will not get the stake back. This means that if you bet a 10£ free bet with 1.8 odds, then you will only get 8£ after winning it. This is why the best use for these bets is to make riskier bets.

Maybe You Want a 50% Winning Boost Instead of Free Bets!
Not every player likes free bets . For this reason, 10bet created another type of bonus that you can use to increase your winning massively. All you need to do is to place an ACCA bet with 3 or more legs, and your winning will be supplemented by 50%. But there are several requirements that you need to meet if you want to make use of this offer.
• Odds are higher than 1.5. The first requirement is that every selection of your bet to have the odds higher than 1.5. If you bet does not fulfill this requirement, then you will not get any extra winnings. So, if you want to be eligible for this offer, then you need to be prepared to place bets that have considerable risk. But the good news is that your winning amount will be larger as well.
• Ineligible bets. You need to know that there are some situations where your bets will not be eligible for this bonus. The obvious type of bet is free bets. If you want to use your bets for ACCA, then you need to be aware that you will not get 50% even if you meet the other requirements. The same applies to cashed out bets and partial win bets. So, in any of these situations, you will not be able to make use of this offer.
• Max 5000£ bonus winnings. Another important information that you need to know is the maximum amount that you can win from this offer. This is very important because you do not want to make a higher bet and be surprised that the bonus promised is smaller. So, make sure that you understand that you will get a 50% bonus or 5000£. The smaller from the two will be your bonus winning. Your normal winnings will remain the same. Only the extra winning is limited to a specific amount.
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What Free Bets Can You Get from 888sport?

What Free Bets Can You Get from 888sport?

Get 3 Free Bets from the 888sport Sign-Up Offer!

888sport is one of the best online betting websites, and it has many free bet offers. If you make use of all their bonuses, then you can even get a free bet every day. The website is not limited to sports betting. They have a casino, where you can play other games like well. Their sign-up offer is also not limited to free bets. You will also get a 10£ bonus that you can use at their casino. As for the free bets, you will get two with a value of 10£. These two are usable from any device and another one that can only be used from mobile devices.
To be eligible for this bonus, you need to meet some requirements.
• Create a new account. Like any other sign-up gift, you will need to make a new account to be eligible for this bonus. It must be your first account. If you already have an account, then you will not be able to make use of this offer. Do not try to abuse any offers because the website is able to ensure that you will not be able. It uses many different methods to ensure that no person uses the offer more than once.
• Deposit a minimum of 10£. After you have made the account, you need to deposit at least 10£. As mentioned above, only the first account is eligible for this bonus. So, if your card is already used for another account, then your deposit will not qualify you for the offer. Also, it does not matter if you deposit it’s higher because the value of the bonus will not change.
• Use the promo code. While making the deposit, you need to use the promo code 30F. Without using this code, you will not be able to get the free bets and casino bonus. Also, if you do not want to use this offer, but you still want to use this website, then you can simply make your deposit without using the promo code.
• Make a minimum bet of 10£. After you have made the deposit, you need to place a bet. You can make it on any of the sports markets available. Also, the minimum stake must be 10£. If the stake is smaller than this, then the bet will not qualify, and you will not get the bonus.
• The odds must be higher than 1.5. The last requirement is for the odds of the bet. If the odds are smaller than 1.5, then it will not count, and you will not get the free bets and casino money. If you passed all the requirements, then you will get the bonuses after the bet is settled.

Do You Want Daily Free Bet Offers?

888sport is one of the few betting websites that have free bet offers from which you can get 1 free bet every day. And unlike most other bonuses, you do not need to lose any wager to be eligible for this offer. All you need is to win a bet, and as a bonus, you will also get a free one. The value of the free bet is only 5£, but you can get one every day. So, you can get 35£ per week and more than 140£ per month in free bets from this offer alone.
So, what are the requirements for this offer? How can you get the free bets?
• Win a minimum bet. The first requirement for this offer is to win a wager that has a stake of 10£ or more. If you win it and you meet the other requirements as well, then you will get a free bet with a value of 5£.
• Odds bigger than 4. this requirement is slightly harder to meet. You will need to win a wager that has the odds higher than 4. But if you trust your luck, then you can participate in this offer at any time.
• Use the free bet within 7 days. It is essential to know that free bets are available only for 7 days. So, after you win one of them, then you need to make sure that you will use it in this period. Otherwise, you will lose it.

You Can Also Find Free Bet Offers for Your American ACCA Bets!
Do you like to place American ACCA bets? Yes? There are free bet offers excellent for you. 888sport introduced the perfect offer for you. You can get a free bet with a value of up to 25£. Unlike the last offer, this one works as a safety net. It means that if you lose your bet, then you will get a refund in the form of a free one. So, what types of bets can you make without being afraid of losing?
• American ACCA with 5 or more legs. To be eligible for this offer, then you need to place an ACCA bet in any of the American leagues. Also, the minimum number of legs is five. So, you need more than five selections to be eligible for the free bet.
• A minimum bet of 5£. You need to bet at least 5£ to get a free bet refund. Also, the maximum amount is 25£. So, all losing bets with a stake between these 2 values will get a full refund in the form of a free bet.
• Minimum odds per leg of 1.3. Keep in mind that every one of the selections must have odds higher than 1.3. if even one of them has lower odds, then your bet will not be eligible for getting a refund.
• Lose only one selection. Lastly, you will get a refund, only if you lose a single event from your bet. If you win all of them, then congratulations. But if you lose more than one selection, then you will not get a refund.
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Looking for a new bookmaker

hey guys,

I'm looking for a new bookmaker, over the years I've used a few bookmakers, but its time to change. I've used the following bookmakers:
betfair: loved the interface, large selection of markets and the possibility for big acca's (up to 25 bets)
Unibet: was my first bookmaker, didn't liked it at that time (5/6 years ago) bad odds, not a lot of markets and no bonuses, haven't logged in in a long time
Mr. Green: didn't like this bookmaker at all, placed a few bets, but this bookmaker is a no for me
888sports: Realy love this bookmaker, a great variety of markets, a lot of bonuses. but only 9 selections possible in an acca.
1xbet: Amazing selection of markets, Possibility for really big acca's (up to 63 selections!). but not allowed in my country anymore and service is terrible
the other bookmakers I've used were a selection of small local bookmakers.

what I'm looking for:
- big selections of markets (I'm usually playing basketball or corners)
- easy to use interface and website (mobile app is not necessary)
- possibility for big accas (like 1xbet)
- bonuses are always nice

I live in the Netherlands, so not every bookmaker is allowed

Hope you guys can help me with some tips
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New Bet Type I discovered which I have never seen before . . ( Betfred IN STORE ONLY )

Sup Guys,
So I found a new bet Which after looking through the various websites ( all the big ones ) I haven't seen ANYTHING like it.
Only place I have seen it is in BETFRED Stores but on the actual Sport betting Terminal.
I have gone into williamhill and Coral Shops in the UK and have only seen it in the Betfred Stores...
Anyway the bet Type I Found is : Double Chance + OveUnder 1.5 Goals
Double Chance Over Under 2.5 Goals
Double Chance Over Under 3.5 Goals..
If you go to the sport betting terminal in any Betfred shop, and providing your not betting on Ivory Coast 3rd Division ( IE bet has a decent amount of markets )
You should see this under the ''Combination'' Bets tab
I am thinking this is great to Combine in Many Championship / League 1 / 2 High scoring games where you can just put Home/Away or whichever combination you feel comftable with.
Reason I mention this is because I like to look for bets what I haven't seen before what I think have a very good chance of happening.
Btw - they can be added in an acca too so would be a great way to get some great great odds.
PS. I live in UK so I am not sure if it is available in other countries.
I don't usually post out Thoughts/Tips here If I don't think I am onto something...But I haven't seen this bet ANYYWHERE online and only in one place which I am sure means something..
I am sure the odds are taken into account but the closest other bet I have to this one is double chance BTTS which pays significantly Higher odds, however as you know both teams not always score and this one Is very likely in my opinion to just 'pray and spray' on a few random games.
Let me know thoughts guys
(Edited Grammar / Spelling )
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Question on particular style of bet I have found.

this is a style if betting I've just begun to use since I discovered this bet what I haven't seen on any other sites.
On the website Betway there is an option for a btts double chance option.
I have only ever seen btts and match result.
I am thinking of applying this within a set of accumulators ... really my aim is to get rediculous odds whereby picking 5 games where btts ( not quite that hard in lower English leagues )
you choose for instance the underdog to win or draw btts ( or go for win with the favourite to win or draw bttsgiving you higher odds.
and providing that btts im all games you will win the accumulator no matter the outcome.
odds for the favourite to win or draw and btts are normally start around 2.2 but go way higher and alternatively you get massive odds for the underdog to win if have that option.
there is also a way you can with both bets but you just hope it isn't a particular outcome for instance picking a team to win btts and 1 and 2 btts on the same game.
when these odds are stacked up quite high in a 4 - 5 game acca it really is just a matter of time before you pick 5 game where btts.
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Welcome to our new community! What is Bet Blocks Messenger?

Hi community!
We've built a messenger app designed specially for sports fans to chat sport and share bets and we're keen to know what you think.
Up to now we've been using WhatsApp but realised it's pretty limited. We were sharing bets using screenshots of our betslips, easy to post but a pain to actually follow a mate's tip and place the bet. Our mission has been to improve on this basic idea and then add in features sports bettors would appreciate.
The result is Bet Blocks - it's a regular messenger app like WhatsApp but featuring sports fixtures, live odds and connections to multiple bookies. You can:
We're going to start a public beta test and would love a few interested volunteers to give it a good kicking and tell us what they think. Our website for more info and to sign up is
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What's the best betting site/app you use?

Hello, I'm curious what everyone is using to place their bets with (Mobile). I've tried a few companies, barring Bet365 and I've found SkyBet's app to be far better than competitors. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?
I personally don't like how laggy SkyBet app can be during multiple accumulators and I've missed out on money because of it, not to mention SkyBet basically never do offers on Accumulators. There have been so many times when I've had all acca's result apart from 1. Some other websites counter this issue with free bets I believe?
Any help much appreciated! Keen to hear what you're all using.
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How I Make Over £1000 Per Month Matched Betting - Making Money Online UK in 2020 EACH-WAY BETTING & EXTRA PLACES: How I Make My Biggest Profits The Easy Way To Lay Off An Acca How To Profit From Accumulators (PART ONE) Football Accumulator Tips & How To Pick An Acca With Statistics Software

Advantages of Western Union Betting. One of the main reasons why so many sports betting websites that accept Western Union are so popular is because the service is relatively affordable. For example, making a $1,000 transaction to most countries costs just $5 – and that ensures you’re not paying over the odds simply to make deposits. New customers only – Minimum deposit of £10 using deposit code 30F - A qualifying bet is a ‘real money’ stake of at least £10 placed on any sports market - Minimum odds of 1/2 (1.5) - Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days - Free bet stakes not included in returns - Deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time. In this article, I will aim to provide a complete and in-depth betting guide when it comes to tennis accumulators. They are widely available across the leading bookmaker websites and it can be a great way of having a tennis bet and cheering on the leading players without having to risk a large stake as part of the equation. Best Tennis Betting Betfair were the first to produce a commercially viable betting exchange, and to this day they still hold the #1 spot in the peer-to-peer betting world. But they’ve grown to be something much more than just an exchange, also offering an excellent fixed odds sportsbook with odds that rival most bookies, especially for football. While some UK betting sites limit their accas to 15 selections, MansionBet allows 20 (bring on the outlandish Saturday afternoon bets!). For the more sensible bets, you can also do a single, double, each way, and other bet types. While some betting websites launch to compete with the many sportsbooks on the market,

[index] [43385] [7006] [1009] [40727] [31356] [18058] [1206] [48778] [27768] [28306]

How I Make Over £1000 Per Month Matched Betting - Making Money Online UK in 2020

Make profit from accas accumulator offers beat the bookies bookies loophole bookmaker loophole ... betting websites sky bet free bet football betting odds bet of the day racing post betting Profit Squirrel is the best place in the UK to learn more about Matched Betting - the incredible method thousands of our members are using to earn over £500 each and every month. This tool will automatically select the best Accas for you and show you how much you can potentially earn from each Acca. ... The Reality Of Matched Betting - Pros vs Cons - Duration: 7:51. Oye ... Make profit from accas accumulator offers beat the bookies bookies loophole bookmaker loophole ... betting websites sky bet free bet football betting odds bet of the day racing post betting In this video I teach you the exact each-way betting tips that I use to pull in my biggest profits each month. FREE BEGINNER COURSE: https://www.beatingbetti...