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gg.bet, the major sponsor of Team NP, Empire, and Ad Finem has terms and conditions which allow them to blatantly scam unwitting users, and the community deserves to know

So a few days I go I made this post asking if it was normal for betting sites to have heavy preventions on when you can withdraw your funds.
It seemed strange to me, but I blamed my naivety for assuming these websites were legit. Honestly, I was swayed by the site being a major sponsor of a few teams, as I figured it was more likely that a legitimate business would have the money to spare for marketing like that.
All I wanted to do was play around with $50 watching the Boston Major. I figured I enjoy watching Dota games anyway, I would pay to have a little extra thrill in each game with something personal at stake. So I go onto the most common site I see advertised, gg.bet, and see that there are multiple promo codes being shown to encourage new users to make a deposit. I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I never assumed that I would have to read the T&Cs to understand that by accepting any bonus money, I practically eliminate my chances of ever getting any money back. Unfortunately, that is the reality.
When I made similar posts as earlier on /Dota2Betting, I got talking to some other members and found out that this is NOT normal for betting sites to do.
Patnor explained it best in this comment on /Dota2Betting:
ok i wrote a long answer and i just deleted it after reading their bonus rules.
GG.bet is a scam, there is nothing else to say about the matter. And judging by how they have obviously just googled big words to sound more serious, while infact they are just making an ass of themselves shows that its most likely some shady person behind the site.
However. You have accepted their Bonus, which gives you 100% bonus deposit. This is the main rule thats keeping you from Withdrawing the money from your account.
You have to earn 25 times the amount of your deposit bonus. Which means if you deposited 100$ you get 200$ and you have to earn a grand wopping 5000$ before you complete the bonus. And no im not done yet. You have to do this within 30 days of you activating the bonus.
This is a rookie mistake everyone has made to be honest, if you are new and you see a bonus its easy to think "free money if i win" But very few actually goes through their Requirements to actually pass the bonus as a whole.
Also if you were to be lucky to win over 150$ with a freebet or anything you would lose every cent over 150$ which is kinda hilarious and extremely shady to have for any bookie that wants to be taken as a serious company.
TLDR; You accepted bonus, you now have to earn 5000$ in 30 days to complete bonus and being able to Withdraw the money. Cut your losses, delete the account and simply keep away from shady sites like that.
On top of this, you can't even win it on ez bets with low-risk odds. It doesn't even count unless the odds are at least 1.75!
Initially, I put $50 in to the account. The bonus code allowed me to double that, then another code gave me another $12. So I had $112. I have made various bets, winning all of them except for 1. Logically speaking, if the site first uses my bonus money, it should return bonus money and leave my 'real money' untouched. If it uses real money, it should return real money. Instead, gg.bet gives you bonus money and then effectively turns all your money into 'bonus money' that you will never get back. Unfortunately, this was all in the terms and conditions, but I neglected to read it. Yes, this is my fault, but that does not change the case that the website completely misleads its users. At best, this practice is shady. At worst, this practice is a total scam.
I spoke to support reps on their website's 24/7 live support. Once I tried my best to comprehend the broken english, they confirmed that I could not withdraw any money, basically ever. I then escalated this to a higher level of support and am still waiting for an email back almost a week later. It also asked if I wanted to save the chat logs, but I never got an email with them in there? To make things even more confusing, the bars shown in this image of my account count to 1250 and the other one used to count 300 but has since disappeared from the site entirely. The default is 1250, and I've earnt 40 of that. I suspect this means the amount of money I have bet on something with odds over 1.75 is $40, meaning I have to bet (NOT WIN) $1250 ONLY ON ODDS OF 1.75 OR MORE in order to get a cent back from the website. On the third of January, all of that money will just expire.
I have emailed the site twice now asking for my initial deposit back. My initial deposit was $50, then my total balance from bonuses was $112. My current balance is $159.50. Though I am rightfully owed my winnings from my bet on EG vs VP, I will settle purely for getting my initial deposit back since I am yet to lose it. Here is an imgur album showing the screenshots of my account for verification of all of this.
Has anyone else had any experiences with this? Since their support won't talk to me, all I can do is dissuade anyone else from using their awful service and getting scammed like I have been. After looking into it a bit more, it seems that Pinnacle is the best place for betting on e-sports, though honestly I think this whole thing has turned me off the idea entirely.
Edit 1: damn, the reading comprehension of some people is poor. This is more of a PSA than a whine. I understand that this is my own fault for not being careful with my money, however I think my mistake is one that a lot of people would make and this post is meant to serve as a warning and deterrent from these sites. People keep saying "this is normal". Having to bet and win 25x your initial deposit on odds of 1.75+ all within 30 days is absolutely not normal, and is extremely scummy. Another point that people seem to be missing is my main complaint, that by accepting the bonus money my real money is effectively rendered completely void. All I'm doing is raising awareness for suckers like myself that might be exploited, and for teams to hopefully stop advertising this service. Teams absolutely have a responsibility to advertise decent companies, consider the uproar when Navi sponsored an MMR booster on twitch. This is far worse, this company effectively steals from its users. NP, Empire and AF are helping this shitty company exploit their fans. The site also advertises Fnatic a lot too so it seems that there are a huge number of esports teams that advertise for this company.
Edit 2: I forgot to highlight another incredibly shady aspect of their T&Cs. IF you manage to meet their crazy requirements for a withdrawal, in my case $1250, I can only actually have $150 of that. How can anyone defend this?
Edit 3: everyone saying issue a chargeback. I guess this must be more common in USA with your weirdly lenient refund policies but how would I go about doing this in Australia? I chose to spend this money, I don't think my bank will just let me turn around and decide I want the money back now.
Edit 4: I just called my bank and told them and they said they'd get back to me, so here's hoping. In the mean time, herro9n has done some awesome investigatory work and found that gg.bet is just one of many fronts for a huge network of similarly shady gambling websites. Basically, this isn't just one dude sitting behind his computer getting free cash, this is a massive operation with many different websites, all of which have similarly shady issues with customers wanting to withdraw money. I also just tweeted the teams mentioned to see what they think of this.
tl;dr using promotional codes on gg.bet allows them to turn your real money into "bonus money" which is designed in such a way that you will never get it back.
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